Tracing the History and Use of Muscadine Grape Vines

Tulip bulbs are perhaps the most important flower bulb imported into the United States, but amaryllis bulbs for the florist marketer are more important for many reasons, the most convincing reason is the ease that amaryllis bulbs can be forced after pre-chilling treatment. Amaryllis bulb forcing by florists also produces larger, longer laster flowers more acceptable than flowering tulip bulbs to most florist's customers. Tulip flowers have been developed to bloom more as an outdoor plant than as a florist's tulip pot plant. The many tulip colors of flowering red, pink, orange, blue, purple, yellow, white, and various bi-color combinations and tulip flower bloom variations. Governmental and city municipalities plant huge spring flowering tulip bulbs in bed at parks, walkways, and entrances to buildings. Planting of tulip bulbs is generally done in the fall and winter, but in the Southern United States areas, late spring tulip bulb planting will be satisfactory. Tulip bulbs are pre-chilled in the Netherlands by the Dutch tulip bulb growers to keep the tulip bulbs dormant for shipment to the United States in the fall.

By Pat Rick