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Tropical Palm Trees

Several types of palm trees can be grown outside or inside, if the palm plants are planted in a container. Palm trees grown in containers are dwarfed by growing them in the container and are suitable for placing in low light office situations or for growing indoors at homes in Northern States like New York, Illinois and Michigan. Gardeners can buy small, reasonably priced palm trees at Ty Ty nursery to be planted,

  • Queen Palm Tree
    A Queen Palm Tree is fast growing and is often planted in rows along property lines, along roadsides, and in parks.
  • Tropical Pygmy Date Palm Trees
    Pygmy Date Palms are dwarf in nature and perfect for growing in containers indoors as well as outdoors. Pygmy Date Palms are commonly found growing in clumps.
  • Zamia Palm Tree
    Zamia Palms are often called 'Cardboard' palms because of the wax cardboard appearance of the leaves. The Zamia Palm is suited for low light container grown conditions. Very few palms are as adapted for growing indoors as the Zamia Palm Tree.