Medjool Date Palm Tree – Phoenix dactylifera

The Medjool Date Palm Trees grow into enormous size landscape specimens, and in ancient times this palm tree was revered as sacred as a date producer, a fruit that could be dried and preserved for months to eat when food availability was scarce. In the production of dates it is important to plant a vegetative cultivar clone of the Medjool Date Palm Tree, an outstanding commercial clone. The Medjool Date Palm Tree is a female palm tree and can begin date production earlier than seedlings, about 7 years depending on the age of the transplanted Medjool Date Palm Tree. Even though the Medjool Date Palm Tree is a desert plant, it can survive a wide varying environment. In one of the largest Medjool Date Palm Tree orchards in California just outside Yuma, AZ., the workers use tall ladders to climb the palm trees to harvest the date crop. The Medjool dates from this commercial palm tree operation are famous for the delicious flavor of the Medjool date, sold through mail order catalogs at Christmas. The Medjool Date Palm Tree is somewhat sensitive to cold temperatures but can survive light frost and freezes.