Buy Citrus Trees Year Round

Buy Citrus trees from TyTy Nursery, the best place on the Internet to buy lemon trees that fruit continuously, and kumquat trees that are shipped in January loaded with fruit. You can buy other citrus trees, such as satsuma orange trees that resemble tangerines and lime trees that bear fresh limes most of the year with that fragrance that the lime is famous for. Grapefruit trees often bear year round and the dwarf Ruby grapefruit is sweet, red-inside and perfect for squeezing grapefruit juice drinks.

Buy citrus trees that survive in northern states. Citrus such as Meyer's lemon trees can survive temperatures of 15 degrees F., and satsuma orange trees are a cold hardy citrus that can withstand temps of the teens. The Marumi Kumquat tree has survived cold temperatures of 10 degrees F,. and this kumquat tree has the distinction of being the most cold hardy citrus tree. The fruit of the kumquat tree can be picked off the tree to avoid below freezing temperatures. Most citrus trees including the Calamondin Orange tree can be grown in Northern states, if they are potted and grown indoors. Potted citrus tree can be grown outdoors on patios and near pools for that tropical citrus look during the Spring and Summer.

The fruit of the citrus tree is most famous as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time, when the kids await Santa Claus. Citrus fruit can be kept fresh on an orange tree or a grapefruit tree for months, until the fruit is harvested. Most citrus fruit selections can be found refrigerated at grocery stores all year. The frozen juice of lemon, orange, and grapefruit are choice breakfast juices.

TyTy Nursery cannot ship citrus into Florida, Texas and California because of citrus disease problems there. Citrus trees of kumquat or lemon trees can bear fruit at an early age, however, larger citrus trees bear heavier fruit crops. TyTy Nursery recommends the removal of citrus fruit on small trees, because once a lemon tree or kumquat tree is loaded with fruit, its twig growth virtually stops until the lemon or kumquat citrus is removed from the tree. The flowering citrus tree is fragrant and ancient civilizations kept citrus trees and fruit indoors to add the pleasant fragrance during flowering and fruiting.

By Pat Rick