Belle of Georgia Peach Trees Grow Fast

Belle of Georgia peach tree in Georgia history was named after Mrs. Belle Hall of Ft. Valley, Georgia, following the Civil War, after it was developed from a peach seedling of Chinese cling-peach seed origin. The legendary Belle of Georgia peach has also been called the Georgia Belle peach and is classified as a white pulp peach, pleasantly fragrant and of intense sweetness and spicy flavor. Very few other white peach cultivars compare with the well known superior characteristics of the Belle of Georgia peach tree. Large trees of Belle of Georgia are recommended to buy, plant, and grow—often bearing a few peaches the first year after planting. The freestone characteristic of the Belle of Georgia white peach makes it easy to eat freshly picked from any home orchard. You can buy Belle of Georgia peach trees from many internet nursery sites.

By Pat Rick