Banana Trees Grow Fast from Banana Plants and Various Sized Banana Bulbs

Banana fruit grown from banana trees in South America are available to buy in grocery stores, however, many banana trees grow well and produce banana fruit in United States gardens and other banana plants are ornamental and grown more for their variegated or red (maroon) striped leaves. Some banana plants are dwarf, such as the dwarf Brazillian tree, the dwarf Jamaican red banana tree, and the Texas Star banana tree. The banana fruit size on the Cavendish banana tree is half the size of a grocery banana fruit; the Mysore edible banana is 2/3 the size of a grocery banana; however, the Golden Rhinohorn banana tree chunky like commercial bananas, but not quite as long; and the Kentucky banana tree fruit is not as large as the banana fruit size of the Brazil banana tree, the Namwah banana bulb or the Raji Puri banana bulb. Banana trees grow from a bulb, and the growth size of the banana bulb determines when the fruit forms on the tree. Banana tree leaves can be variegated with red or white striping variegation, and the leaves (after cold weather in the fall) color up yellow. Banana trees that you buy from TyTy will be cold hardy in many states and survive very cold temperatures of zero degrees. The banana fruit is America's favorite fruit and can be eaten as fresh fruit, dried banana chips, banana ice cream, banana split, banana pudding, and many other ways.

By Pat Rick