Wildlife Shade Trees

Wildlife Shade Trees provide natural feed to wildlife game animals, by their peeling bark twigs, buds and leaves. This attraction of shade trees to the wildlife animals is commonly used by hunters around their favorite shade tree food plots, to attract animals and game birds for the hunting season. This increases the chances of catching that huge buck you've had your eye on! The Sawtooth Oak Tree produce a very dense shade, and the heavy production of acorns makes game animals and birds an abundant supply of natural growing food. Other shade tree oaks are evergreen trees, such as the Live Oak tree, that grow twigs, limbs and leaves for shade and for constructing bird nests. Gobbler oak shade trees give tree shade to turkey and other birds, and the acorns are smaller and can be easier eaten by turkey and other game birds.. The Pecan shade tree provides pecan nuts for food plots and tree shade for deer. To buy shade trees at TyTy Nursery, call (888)758-2252!