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Voodoo Lily Bulbs

The Voodoo lily is well known by the Southern gardener where it has become naturalized in some areas, and the strange snake-like form and lizard leaf markings have gotten it names like snake lily, cobra lily, and etc. This plant can be grown outside in zone 8,9 and 10 and the bulb can grow into a very large size in the wild forests of the Orient, and the flowers can rise to grow to astonishing sizes,

Voodoo Lily
USDA Zones 7-11
  • Voodoo Lily Bulb Entertainment
    Voodoo Lilies are also called, Cobra lily, Snake lily, and Devil lily, that were originally imported from India and China by enthusiastic bulb explorers. Despicable, carrion flies are attracted to the repulsive scent of the tulip shaped flowers that are perched beneath the snaky, weird, spotted leaves. Warty encrusted, round bulbs grow into an enormous size and normally will flower either in, or out of the earth. Many dedicated plant collectors are constantly looking for the rare, unusual and strange-looking or foul smelling plants or flowers, and this bulb selection covers all the paranormal parameters that classify this plant as truly unique.
  • Giant Snake Voodoo Lily
    Giant Snake Voodoo Lilies are unusual flowering bulbs that use a smelly aroma to attract flies for pollination. This Voodoo Lily is easy to grow and will attract the attention of passers by with it's phallic shape and distinct aroma. The unplanted Voodoo lily bulbs featured in this video grew to amazing heights while sitting on a counter near an office window at Ty Ty Nursery.
  • Voodoo Lily Bulbs
    Voodoo Lilies are also called Snake Lilies and Cobra Lilies, because they are found growing in snake infested locations, additionally the flower looks similar to a snake