Sidney Lanier Live Oak

In the City of Brunswick, Georgia, at the edge of the Atlantic Coast grows a live-oak "beautiful-braided and woven." The Famous Georgia poet, Sidney Lanier, sat beneath this tree overlooking the vast marsh and was inspired to write his best poem, The Marshes of Glynn. Lanier wrote and recited this poem in 1875, but it did not reach publication for another three years. The poem, The Marshes of Glynn, was extremely popular and was completed as part of a poetic series shortly before Lanier died of Tuberculosis in 1881. The Lanier Oak is marked with a commemorative plaque that is located near the Lanier Oak in Brunswick, GA. Many tourists stop at this roadside commemorative park to sit under the shade of the Lanier Oak Tree and to read the inscription on the plaque that was made in his honor.