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Right Start Fertilizer Packet

Right Start Fertilizer Packet

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Right Start Fertilizer Packets are specially formulated fertilizer packets used at the time of planting to increase growth, root development, and overall plant health of newly planted bare root or container trees or plants. Calculating how many fertilizer packets are needed is easy; for every 1ft of plant size order you will need one packet (i.e. You order a 4-5ft Stuart Pecan Tree, you should buy 4 Fertilizer Packets), or if you buy a plant that is sold by a container size i.e. 1 Gallon or 3 Gallon then you should purchase one Right Start Fertilizer Packet per container size (i.e. You order a 3 Gallon Gumpo Azalea, you should buy 3 Fertilizer Packets). The slow release fertilizer is wrapped in biodegradable bag designed to be planted and is simple to properly use, plant your Right Start Packet 12 inches from the base of the plant being arranged in a circle and bury the packets.

This 10 oz packets of fertilizer is the perfect size to fertilize your new trees for up to 12 months. Simply follow the directions on how many to use and you will be amazed how much faster you tree or plant will establish, the faster rate of growth you will achieve, larger root system development, high number of branch, increase in harvest amounts, and deeper richer flower color your newly planted tree will have.

What makes this fertilizer packets so unique is that not only does it container the most common fertilizer nutrients in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium but it contains minor elements as well that is extremely beneficial in establishing a your new plants. Right Start Fertilizer Packets contain the following nutrients:

  • 16.00% Total Nitrogen (N),

  • 6.00% Available Phosphoric Acid (P2O5)

  • 8.00% Soluble Potash (K2O)

  • 6.92% Combined Sulfur (S)

  • 0.52% Zinc (Zn), 0.54% Iron (Fe)

  • 0.54% Magnesium(Mg)

  • 0.26% Copper (Cu)

  • 0.05% Boron (B)

  • 0.56% Manganese (Mn).