Papershell Pecan Trees

The pecan tree is a native American tree that produces an oily nut of great commercial value. Pecans that grow from seed are variable in many factors such as: size, shell thickness, ripening, etc. Grafted pecan trees are preferred over seed grown (seedlings) pecan trees, because of their predictable, stable characteristics. Thin shell pecans produce tasty nut kernels that are very desirable,either freshly eaten or baked, and the pecan kernels bring high prices.

Pecan nuts can be stored easily after harvest for several months, even without refrigeration, but if refrigerated, pecans can be stored for years successfully. Commercial pecan tree orchards begin shaking ripe pecans from the trees during early fall to sell early for Thanksgiving sales.

Pecan pie is a delicious Southern dessert that is served during holidays along with fruit cake that is loaded with roasted pecan kernels. Northern tourists vacationing in Florida for many years have stopped at roadside stands to buy pecan log rolls, bags of paper shell pecans, pecan pralines, and glazed pecans, either for gifts or home use.

Pecan trees are tap rooted plants that are grown in large commercial orchards throughout the South and West throughout Arizona New Mexico and California. Western pecan tree cultivars prefer dry hot climates, whereas, Southern pecan trees are more resistant to pecan leaf problems caused by high humidity. Some of the earliest pecan trees discovered growing in America were found by explorers growing in Illinois by the Lewis and Clark expedition. Northern type pecan tree cultivars will produce pecan nuts very early in September avoiding frosts.

Not only do pecan trees produce an edible pecan nut, but the pecan tree is an excellent shade tree that is fast growing and early to mature pecans. Buy your own bearing size papershell pecan trees from TyTy.