• Ty Ty Drone Visits, Dynamite Crape Myrtle Trees

    New cultivars of Crape Myrtle Plants display bright colors of fluffy flower clusters from late Spring until frost. Grow Crape Myrtle plant in New York, Illinois, or New Jersey

  • Plant Elliott Pecan Trees

    The Elliott pecan tree originated in Florida where many commercial orchards grow. The Elliott pecan is best adapted for growing in zone 8 of Georgia, Alabama and Texas. The Elliot pecan nuts bear heavy crops of delicious nuts every year.

  • Buy Banana Trees

    Ty Ty Nursery has banana trees that are cold hardy enough to produce bananas from Virginia, North Carolina and south into Florida. Banana trees are easy to grow and are on sale at low prices.

  • Chinese Goji Berry Plant

    Chinese Goji berry plants grow as far North as New York, Michigan, and Kentucky and bear heavy Goji berry crops that are easy to pick.

  • Grow Issai Kiwi Plant Vines

    Issai Kiwi plants grow medium sized Kiwi's that bear several times in one season. The Kiwi fruit is delicious to eat in salads or when pickled. Add a tropical flavor to your meals. Kiwi plants are cold hardy in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

  • New Christmas Amaryllis Bulbs

    Amaryllis bulbs are easy to force for flowering in containers at Christmas or to enjoy the fragrant flowers during the winter when few other plants will bloom. Ty Ty offers many new amaryllis bulb cultivars just imported by air freight for Christmas Holiday Sales.

  • Patented Hydrangea Bush For Sale

    New Patented varieties of Hydrangea bushes grow radiant color of flower clusters that are larger than a human head in colors of pink, white and blue.

  • Dutch Tulip Bulbs Imported on Sale

    Dutch Tulip Bulbs are easy to plant for dramatic Spring or Summer flowering. Tulip bulbs will grow and flower easily in any part of the United States.

  • Buy Blueberry Plants at Ty Ty Blueberry Nursery

    Buy Blueberry bushes that will begin bearing when only one foot tall. A mature blueberry plant can produce 10 gallons of blueberries from a single plant. Blueberry plants grow from Maine to Florida and even Texas.

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