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Wyoming Trees

Wyoming Fruit Trees

Wyoming gardeners can be successful in planting fruit trees, if the fruit tree varieties are carefully selected that are adaptable to the cold temperatures and the short day length of Wyoming winters. Cold hardy shade trees, fruit trees and berry plants should be capable of surviving the frigid temperatures and snow that falls in USDA zones 2,3,4, and 5. The short day lengths that progress shorter and faster in the fall will slowly harden off the tree interior tissues and cells and make the plant cold resistant and rapidly increase in cold hardiness as the winter approaches. Shade Trees, Fruit Plants and Berry Bushes should be planted on the South side of a house to avoid sun scalding that can occur during sudden 'warm up' periods during the winter when the sunny side of the tree may temporarily thaw out and then refreeze at night, an event that can lower the cold hardy resistance of the plant.

At Casper, Wyoming, gardeners report success in growing berry plants such as blueberry plant, raspberry plants and blackberry bushes. The blueberry plants ripen in July and August, and the blueberries are reported to be very flavorful. The native, black, raspberry bushes and red raspberry plants along with the Elderberry can be baked into pies or Elderberry jelly.

The Manchurian apricot tree is a top choice fruit tree for planting in Northern Wyoming, and the apricot is sugary sweet. Apple trees such as the Lodi Apple are cold hardy, if planted onto an Oregon crabapple rootstock. Other apple tree varieties are satisfactory in WY gardens, but apples will not grow unless two different apple trees are planted for cross pollination. Sour cherries are much more cold hardy than the sweet cherry, and the Montmorency Cherry Tree and the North Star Cherry Tree will both produce delicious cherries in Wyoming.

Plum trees will grow in Casper, nut most plums are not as cold hardy as other fruit trees. Several varieties of pear trees are good for the unique soil types in Wyoming. The Ure Pear Tree and the Nova Pear are highly recommended fruit trees. Wildlife animals such as deer, squirrels and wildlife game birds flock to woodlands in the fall to feast on wild berries, wild cherries and wildlife seeds of various shade trees.