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Texas Trees

TX Zone Map

Texas Trees, Shrubs and Plants

Texas is a very large State, and that makes it difficult to identify which trees will be best to plant into your landscape, vineyard or orchard. With the helpful information provided by Ty Ty Nursery, your decision will be much simpler. It is important to know exactly which USDA plant and tree survival zone you are located in (see the map above).

The Official State tree of Texas is the native pecan tree and the Texas State shrub is the crape myrtle tree, and both plants are native to Texas. Pecan trees will grow and produce nuts in the Texas cities of: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock, and Corpus Christi. Our pecan trees are all hybrid pecans and grafted on cold hardy Curtis pecan root stock.

Fruit Trees in Texas

Ty Ty Nursery offers a wide selection of fruit trees suitable for the Texas climates, some of these Texas fruit trees include grafted apple tree, peach trees, and Japanese persimmon trees. When planting grafted fruit trees in Texas it is very important to keep in mind the pollination requirements for each tree, and some trees and plants require cross pollination and others are self fertile. This Texas tree and plant pollination information is easily accessible with our user friendly website or by calling toll-free 1-888-811-9132.

Ty Ty Nursery also grows and offers a wide variety of berry plants for Texas, for example blueberry bushes, Texas raspberry berry plants and blackberry plants, even mulberry trees. Berry plants such as a blueberry bush are easy to plant and maintain for home orchard production year after year. Enjoy those grocery store savings when planting berry plants in Texas.

Muscadine and Scuppernongs are two hybrid grapevine plants that are perfect for Texas cultivation, and the berries are so sweet that you will be unable to stop eating them right off the vine during the summer. Muscadines and Scuppernongs are the grape vines of choice for Texas vineyards, because of the vigorous growth of the grapevines and a resistance to disease.

There are wide variety of nut trees that are well adapted for Texas such as, almond nut tree, walnut nut trees, pecan trees, Texas hazelnut trees and chestnuts. When planting nut trees in Texas, keep the pollination requirements in mind, and call the friendly staff at Ty Ty Nursery who are always available to help you in choosing the perfect nut trees for your Texas orchard planting.

Other Plants for Texas

Some gardeners might be looking for other trees that will grow and thrive in Texas, like flowering trees, shade trees, and shrubs. Lower your home cooling costs during the hot summer months and plant Texas adapted shade trees near your house.

To cool off during the summer months, consider buying and planting shade trees like pine trees, oak trees, and maple trees that can be planted and will grow fast and large and help you to stay cool in the shade all summer. Just call Ty Ty Nursery with any questions about which shade trees that will be best for you in Texas.

Brighten your landscape with flowering tree and shrubs. Redbud, a Texas native flowering tree, will add beautiful spring color to any yard, as well as dogwood and flowering cherry trees. Ty Ty Nursery offers one of the largest selections of shrubs that will thrive in every part of Texas.

Our Trees

We look forward to providing Texans with the best Texas trees and plants. We do offer a complimentary 1 year guarantee on plants, shrubs, trees that we sell to Texas or any other State. Texas Trees are shipped at the best planting time, and all deciduous trees are shipped dormant, but evergreen trees (banana, olive, palm trees, etc.) are shipped all during the year.. For any questions about our website simply call 1-888-811-9132 and speak to professional, knowledgeable, phone operator at Ty Ty Nursery, who will be able to answer any questions and help you select to the perfect plant you are looking for.