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South Dakota Trees

South Dakota Fruit Trees, Berry Plants and Grape Vines

The most important consideration in planting and growing fruit trees and nut trees in South Dakota home fruit and nut tree orchards is the temperature factor.S.D Temperatures during mid winter can drop to 40 degrees or more below zero, and those frigid temperatures require that gardeners select fruit trees that not only will survive the cold weather, but choose fruit trees that will remain in a dormant stage, until the late spring freezes are over. Late spring freezes can kill the fruit tree flowers, so that proper pollination does not take place, and no fruit will grow on the fruit trees.

The South Dakota State University at Brookings, South Dakota states that sour cherry trees, like the North Star Cherry tree, will produce cherries in all areas of South Dakota. The sweet cherry trees will only grow in limited southern counties of South Dakota, and generally sweet cherries are considered to be more tender to cold damage than the sour cherries - North Star and Montmorency.

The cold hardy Stanley plum trees are good for planting in South Dakota, but it is a generally recognized fact, that plum trees are not as cold hardy as peach trees. Sungold Apricot trees are cold hardy in S.D. backyard gardens and the Sungold apricots are very sweet and contain a high sugar content. The Moongold apricot tree has been included in some apricot tree orchards.

Raspberries are found growing as native raspberry plants throughout the U.S. And the Boyne red raspberry plant and Latham red raspberries produce delicious fall berries. The yellow Fall Gold raspberry has a very delicate flavor and the purple Brandywine raspberry is very productive of high quality raspberries. The Heritage raspberry plant is a red raspberry that can be grown in some areas of South Dakota. Elderberries are native berry plants to South Dakota and Elderberry wine, jellies and pies are often made from ripe Elderberries during the summer.

Many grapes will grow in South Dakota. The New England type grapes that are so productive like those in New York, for example, the Concord grapevine and the Canadice grape vines produce sweet grapes just right for making red wine and white wine. The Fredonia grape vines produce a black wine grape and will grow in Southern counties of South Dakota.

The Black Walnut, Juglans nigra, tree is a native tree to S.D. woodlands and will produce bushels of walnuts, Juglans nigra. The shagbark hickory nut, Carya ovata, tree will produce hickory nuts for human and wildlife consumption. The white walnut tree, Juglans cinerea, will grow tasty nuts that are also known as “White Walnuts.”