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Oklahoma Trees

Oklahoma Fruit Trees, Grapevines and Berry Bushes.

The State of Oklahoma is located in USDA zones 6 and 7, and both zones are favorable sites for growing a large selection of fruit trees. Apple tree and the Golden Delicious apples tree are standard apple tree orchard selections. The Arkansas Black apple tree cultivar grows apples with a tart, juicy and delicious apple that can be made into apple cider, apple pie and apple juice.

Elberta peach trees are very productive, especially, in the Tulsa, Oklahoma suburbs. The Red Haven peaches grow on a fast growing grafted peach tree rootstock that ripens peaches in the summer. The Red Haven peach is a free-stone peach tree that is especially popular to make into peach ice cream. The Sun Red nectarine (peach without fuzz) tastes very similar to the Red Haven peach and it is popular for planting as a freestone fruit tree. Red plums such as the AU Rubrum plum tree is very productive with a balanced flavor, somewhere in between sour and sweet. Green Egg plum trees grow a plum that when ripe is green in color, and the acid, sour taste is very favorable and attractive to expectant mothers. Yellow gold plum trees mature in early summer, and when completely ripe the plums are juicy with a honey-sweet flavor. Kieffer pears, moon glow pear and LaConte pear trees are standard fruit trees for Oklahoma gardeners, and pears are best picked from the pear trees in the early fall, and then ripened on the kitchen shelf into a full mellowness and softness. Both sweet cherry trees and sour cherry trees will grow well in Oklahoma backyard gardens. Montmorency red cherry trees and red North Star cherries are the best sour pie cherries to grow, and the Black Tartarian cherry and the Bing cherry trees are the most popular sweet cherries that can be picked off the trees for fresh eating during the summer.

Fig trees such as the Brown turkey and the Tennessee mountain fig trees are cold hardy enough to grow in OK, zone 7. The Texas Everbearing fig tree is also a popular zone 7 fig tree for OK. The Nikita's Gift persimmon tree is very cold hardy and the persimmon fruit is delicious to eat when completely ripe and juicy.

Both black and red raspberry plants are productive in Oklahoma backyard gardens. The Cumberland black raspberry plants produce large crops of delicious, juicy raspberries with a sweet taste and the berries begin ripening during the late summer. The Boyne red raspberry plant is very cold hardy and a prolific producer of multiple canes that are loaded with clusters of red raspberries. The Heritage red raspberry originated in New York State and grows well in Oklahoma. Many thornless blackberry plants are planted at pick-your-own blackberry, organic farms. The new thornless blackberry plants from Arkansas University research produce a much sweeter and more flavorful blackberry than the first cultivar, Black Satin thornless blackberry, that many growers regarded as being bland in taste. Blueberry plants are not generally a good choice berry for growing in Oklahoma, because the soils are too alkaline and blueberry plants do not grow well unless the soils are very acid. Blueberry plants can be grown in OK if the soils are amended with peat moss or sulfur.

Muscadine grape vines grow well in Oklahoma, zone 7, and seedless grape vines, such as the Red Flame seedless grape and the Thompson white seedless grapes are productive. The wine grape vines grow favorably in OK and bunch grapevines, like the Blue Concord, the White Niagara grapevine and the Catawba bunch grape are all excellent Oklahoma grapevine choices.

Most nut trees grow well in OK, such as the Hall's Hardy almond tree, that is a very cold hardy almond. The American black walnut trees produce walnuts that are crunchy and tasty, and the expensive black walnut tree produces a wood that is very valuable. Filbert trees (hazelnut trees) are native to the US like the famous, American chestnut tree. The Chinese chestnut tree is very productive when reaching the bearing age and chestnuts ripen in late summer or early fall in OK. Pecan trees such as the Pawnee pecan , Oconee pecan tree and the Northern James pecans are excellent choices for planting in Oklahoma, since they are so cold hardy. Many other cultivars of pecan trees of more southern origin and parentage will not produce pecans some seasons, because of late frosts in the spring while the pecan flowers are in a vulnerable stage.