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Nevada Trees

Nevada Fruit Trees, Berry Plants and Nut Trees

Hall's Hardy Almond trees are extensively planted by Nevada backyard gardeners, and the almond nut ripens in late summer. The Texas almond tree and Nonpareil almond trees grow very well in the Las Vegas Valley, NV., orchards.

The best grape vines for growing in Nevada and the Muscadine grape and the Scuppernong grape vines. Muscadine grapevines produce grapes varying in color from black, blue to red or bronze. Male muscadines must be planted with female scuppernong grape vines to assure the production of grapes.

In selecting the best fruit trees for planting in Nevada, it is important to remember that the climate of extremely hot summers and warm winters, means gardeners in Reno, Nevada, must pick out apple tees with low chill requirements, such as the Israeli apple trees that are adapted in Israel that has a similar hot climate as that in Nevada. The most popular red apple tree is the Anna apple trees. The Ein Sheimer, yellow apple ripens in June in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Dorsett Golden Apple ripens in June locations near organic apple tree pick-your-own orchards.

Most low chill peach trees that were developed in Florida such as the Flordaking peach trees, the Flordaprince and the Flordacrest peach tree will bear delicious, sweet, juicy peaches. Apricot trees will live and grow in Nevada, however, the winter chill factor will not allow a gardener to mature an apricot.

The Flordahome pear tree will grow and produce pears in Reno, Nevada, but most other cultivars of Pear trees are unproductive because of the heat. Many cultivars of Japanese persimmon trees have been perfectly adapted for the extreme heat and extensive soil profiles that are found in Nevada. The Fuyu Persimmon tree reliably produces a flattened, large persimmon fruit that is tasty, even in the green unripened stage.

Pomegranate trees are very well adapted to the Nevada climate, and soils and several organic pomegranate orchards have been established near Las Vegas, NV. The Wonderful cultivar of Pomegranate is the most popular and successful for planting.

Olive trees and Guava trees are adapted for growing in Nevada and the Olive tree is especially good for thriving in desert soil profiles. The Loquat (Japanese plum) tree is evergreen and produces a juicy, orange fruit that is very similar in appearance.

Blackberry plants will stake the Nevada heat and thornless blackberry plants are producers of sweet juicy berries. Raspberry plants generally will not take the heat even though the Dorman Red raspberry plants produce berries in some NV areas. The thornless blackberry plant will grow and produce delicious, sweet blackberries.

Nut trees are grown in nut orchards in several Nevada areas. Pecan trees flourish in the dry atmosphere and the heat, and the Elliot pecan tree and the Curtis pecan trees are recommended for growing in States such as Louisiana, Florida and Nevada. The American Black Walnut trees produce bushels of richly flavored walnut kernels that mature in late fall just like pecan trees.