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Mississippi Trees

Mississippi Fruit Trees, Berry Plants, Grape Vines and Nut Trees.

Pecan trees are important nut trees in Mississippi and many of the best surviving papershell pecan tree commercial and backyard choices originated as outstanding seedling discoveries in Mississippi that were then grafted onto stock for distributing to pecan tree nursery operations throughout the United States. The American black walnut tree is native to Mississippi State just like seedling pecan trees and the black walnut trees are important not only for walnuts but for the rich grain patterns in walnut wood. Chinese chestnut trees grow profusely in MS gardens and chinquapins trees and Hall's Hardy Almond trees grow best in North Mississippi. Shagbark hickory trees are native nut trees and the Shagbark hickory nut, Carya ovata is a valuable food for wildlife deer and wildlife game birds. The hickory wood is used as a smoking agent for grilling meats outdoors.

Planting fruit trees in Mississippi USDA zones is almost identical to fruit tree growing in Alabama and Georgia, all three States experiencing temperatures in zones 7 and 8. Most fruit trees, like apple trees require special chilling requirements, so that Southern MS gardeners should generally plant low-chill apple trees, like the Israeli apples, such as Anna and Ein Sheimer apple trees that will produce delicious apples in early summer. Cross pollination is required for apple production and two different apple trees must be planted to grow apples. Many Mississippi gardeners prefer to plant the Dolgo crabapple or Transcendent crabapple trees that are perfect pollinators for apple trees. For Central and North MS backyard gardens, the Fiji apple, Gala, Braeburn or Red Delicious apple trees will fruit in pick-you-own apple orchards. Low chill peach trees such as the Flordaking peach and the Flordaprince peach trees will be productive. Elberta and Reliance peach trees are best for zone 7 planting.

The Auburn University, Al (AU plums) are very productive in all Mississippi, USDA zones 7 and 8. Red plum trees such as the AU Homeside plums are ideal tasty fruits with a perfect acid and sweet balanced flavor. Many expectant mothers prefer the sour taste of the Green Egg plum. Yellow Gold plum trees grow into a brilliant plum that is juicy and sweet as honey when completely ripe. The Flordahome pear tree is very productive of crisp tender pears with a sweet pulp with a fruity aroma. Sweet cherry trees like the Black Tartarian and the Bing cherry will grow in Northern MS, however, the pie cherry (sour cherry) is the most widely planted. The Moorpark apricot tree is the best apricot tree selection, but the Katy apricot trees produce delicious tasty apricots in south MS.

Exotic fruit trees like banana trees, pawpaw trees and pomegranate trees are favorites for Southern Mississippi. Jujube trees and Japanese persimmon trees will grow in South MS.

Red seedless grapevines like the Red Flame grape is productive in North Mississippi, and the white Thompson seedless grapevines produce grapes that are suitable for eating as table grapes, grape juice or for fermenting in grape wine.

The Dorman Red raspberry plant was developed by scientists at Mississippi State University for a low chill raspberry vine that needs staking, but the flavor of this delicious berry is sweet and juicy. Red Heritage raspberries and Cumberland black raspberries will grow best in North MS. Rabbiteye blueberry plants are planted in commercial blueberry orchards throughout Mississippi, and the Tifblue blueberry plant that ripens in June and the Briteblue rabbiteye blueberry plant ripens berries in June and July. Thornless blackberry plants show great promise commercially in MS, and the Arapaho blackberry has an excellent quality berry record. Red mulberry trees produce mulberries in abundant quantities and are juicy and sweet in flavor.