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Louisiana Trees

Louisiana Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees, Shade Trees and Ornamental flowering plants and vines are popular in Louisiana garden landscapes. Louisiana has a tropical, warm climate and coastal rich soil types produce large fruit crops for low chill peach trees, plum trees and low chill apple trees. Most low chill fruit trees such as the 'Israeli apple' trees (Anna Apple, Ein Sheimer apple tree and other apples) can mature tasty ripe apples in early June when properly pollinated. If a large 6ft low chill apple tree is transplanted as a bareroot, bearing size, companion apple, a crabapple tree pollinator, the tree will often bear fruit the first year. Most Florida low chill peach trees, (Flordaking peach, flordaqueen or flordaprince peach tree). Florida King, Florida Queen Peach and Florida Crest peaches will readilly ripen fruit in Louisiana gardens, as readily as in Florida, Georgia and South Ms. The Flordahome Pear tree, also called the Florida Home Pear tree, fruits freely and reliably in Louisiana backyard gardens. The Flordahome pear fruit often bears pears the first year after planting, if you buy an extra large specimen from Ty Ty Nursery on line, where a 25% free shipping charge is offered. Red plums, blue plums and yellow fruiting plum trees are offered for you to buy online trees that will bear early, often the first year, when properly pollinated during a satisfactory growing spring. Louisiana climate and soils are perfect for Nursery fruit tree, ornamental shade trees and unique kinds of tropical fig trees such as the LSU purple fig, LSU Gold Fig trees that were developed by Louisiana. These LA adapted Figs will easily retain high quality and flavor whereas, many fig tree cultivars suffer from high temperatures and high humidity.

Tropical rare and exotic fruit trees like the European Strawberry tree will readily produce strawberries reliably every year. The Strawberry tree is evergreen, and the strawberry fruit matures, when the tree is only five feet tall. The unusual Jujube tree has been planted throughout La where it is also called the Chinese date tree. The Sherwood Jujube tree cultivar originated in La from a chance seedling that mutated from another Jujube cultivar. Mayhaw fruit trees are native to Louisiana, and many Mayhaw collectors are now grafting special mayhaws and some collectors exchange scions and mayhaw fruit among themselves. The so called 'Japanese plum' tree; is actually a loquat tree that produces a fruit with the color and size of a kumquat, but the La. loquat tree is not a true plum, but it does have a seed (pit) in the center that looks much like a plum tree pit. The loquat is an evergreen delicious fruit that can be eaten directly off the loquat tree as fresh fruit, but most often, loquats are made into loquat jam ( see video on the TyTy youtube page, or on tytyga.com. Loquat trees are medium sized evergreen shade trees that easily shade autos or homes, and the trees are productive enough to feed plenty of loquats for family and wildlife, even dogs feast on tasty loquats that drop from the tree.