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Indiana Trees

Indiana Fruit Trees, Shade Trees and Berry Plants

Purdue University in Indiana is world famous for fruit tree,shade tree, nut tree and berry plant publications and research projects. The nut tree research in Indiana has been primarily focused on Black Walnut trees that are a native nut tree. Chestnut tree studies are mainly papers that discuss American Chestnut history, focused mainly as an native, Indiana nut tree. Native Indiana hickory nut trees have been important as wildlife nut producers and also for the dense, hard, hickory wood of great commercial importance. The hickory tree nut is believed to be crossed or hybridized with the pecan nut to form the rare but delicious nut treat that is called the Hican. The Hican nut has a rich flavor that is a blend, midway between the pecan and the hickory nut, however, the Hicans are easier to crack than hickories partly, because the Hican nut genetically inherited the thinner papershell of the pecan. Hican trees are rare and unique but can be shipped from online Ty Ty Nursery, but calling www.tytyga.com at 888-811-9132, and these nut trees are discounted 25% if ordered by phone for Fall delivery.

Indiana gardeners can easily plant and grow bearing size apple trees that will bear the first year frequently, if you buy large apple trees, just remember that Apple trees will not produce apples unless two different varieties of apple trees are planted for proper pollination. Nectarine fruit trees are actually a fuzzless peach, and for fresh eating, many Indiana gardeners prefer nectarines over peaches. Many yellow, red and white pulped peaches are well adapted to the plethora of Indiana's soil profiles, and both sour cherry trees and sweet cherries grow well in the State of Indiana. Other fruit trees that flourish in the Hoosier state are plum trees, pear trees and apricots. Plums are available for planting in a variety of colors, red, purple and gold plum trees. Bunch grapes are planted in Indiana grapevine vineyards for fresh grapes and for grape wine making. The concord blue grape and the white Niagara grapevines are good choices for Indiana gardens.

Red Raspberry plants are popularly planted as a fresh market berry but purple raspberries, black and gold raspberries are very productive in Indiana backyard berry gardens. Blueberry plants will survive the winter snows and summer blueberry picking is an important activity at blueberry pick-your-own farms. The native, American Persimmon is scattered throughout Indiana forests and in the fall and winter, American Persimmons help feed wildlife animals such as deer and wildlife game birds. A Japanese Persimmon that was crossed with a native Russian persimmon in plantings near the Black Sea,formerly Russia, the hybrid persimmon offspring is very cold hardy and will survive the coldest winters in Indiana. This persimmon tree is called “Nikita's Gift” persimmon and is available to buy from Ty Ty Nursery online by phone 1(888)811-9132 at a 25 percent discount for free shipping.