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Idaho Trees

Idaho Fruit Trees, Berry Plants and Grapevines

The Concord grapevine is an excellent cold hardy grape for Idaho gardeners. The Concord grapes are blue in color, sweet and juicy and excellent to eat as table grapes or to ferment in to grape wine. Concord seedless grapes and Reliance seedless grapes are good for planting in Idaho gtrape vineyards. The Niagara grapevine clusters are white in color.

The Black Fredonia grapes are excellent cold hardy Idaho. Grapevines and are perfect for red wine making. The red Catawba grape also is good red wine grape material.

The cold temperature of Idaho makes fruit tree selection difficult for the beginner. Apple trees should be selected that are very cold hardy, like the Golden Delicious apple trees. The Red Haven peach tree and the Hale Haven peach trees will survive the Idaho frigid winters. The Stanley plum is blue in color and very cold hardy, as are some native seedling plums. The Stanley (Damson plum) is good for drying into prunes. Sweet cherry trees like the Bing cherry tree and the Black Tartarian cherry trees can only be grown in the warmer garden sites in Idaho. The sour (tart) cherries grow well, especially the red Montmorency cherries and the red North Star cherry tree. Several apricot trees and pear trees such as the Kieffer pear are cold hardy in Idaho.

The crabapple tree is often planted to pollinate apple trees and the crabapple fruis are an excellent fall food for wildlife deer and other wildlife animals. Both the Siberian crabapple (Malus baccata) and the Oregon crabapple (Malus diversifolia) trees are excellent crabapple pollinators. Native blueberry plants are often planted in Idaho berry gardens and red raspberry plants, such as the Heritage red raspberries are highly productive. Idaho nut tree recommendations are hickory trees, chestnut trees and hazelnut (filbert) trees. The American black walnut (Juglans nigra) , and the white walnut (Butternut) will all survive the extreme cold, ice and snow in Idaho winters. Shade trees like Red Maple trees (Acer rubrum), Silver Maples and Sugar Maple trees provide a refreshing shade during the summer in Idaho, and the red, gold and orange maple leaf color during the fall is spectacular.