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Arkansas Trees

Arkansas Fruit Trees Nut Trees and Berry Plants

Arkansas is a very important State for backyard gardening, and planting berry bushes, berry plants and Arkansas fruit trees has been vigorously promoted by the University of Arkansas. Academic researchers who have developed new cultivars of blackberry plants have virtually eclipsed the older, thornless, obsolete blackberry varieties that came from Cornell University at Ithaca, New York at the turn of the last century. The huge size of Arkansas blackberry fruit is commonly longer than a quarter, and the berry shelf -life has been increased to a point, where these blackberries are being commercially planted throughout the US and the world. Pick-your-own blackberry planting is widespread including both thorny blackberry plants and thornless blackberry plants that are being harvested commercially. New thornless blackberries have been bred that have rich sweet flavors, that obsolete cultivars like black satin blackberries lacked, and the new blackberry ripening times have been extended, thus, these berries extend the blackberry marketing season. The new Arkansas hybrid blackberry plants are now being grown in commercial planting sites in South and Central America and the ripe berries can be marketed fast, by prompt airplane deliveries to U.S. and European berry markets all year. Arkansas University should be given the highest praise for transforming blackberry marketing that had remained static for a century,with berries that were only available to a home gardener because of the extremely perishable nature of the blackberries. Every Arkansas backyard gardener can now grow thorny and thornless blackberry plants that are virtually free of problems and the blackberry harvest is rich with bush ripened flavor over an extended season.

Blueberry plantings and raspberry plantings have been also greatly improved by newly available Rabbiteye that grow blueberry plants with quarter size berries. The Rabbiteye blueberry can be harvested over a period of several months, if the proper variety selection is made. Red Raspberry plants are the garden choice for Arkansas Gardens, however, black, gold and purple raspberries can all be grown in Northern parts of the State around Mountain Home, Ar.

Fruit trees are grown throughout Arkansas, especially the Arkansas Black apple, is an apple tree that is also grown extensively nationally because of its rich taste, crispiness and productivity. An apple tree must be pollinated by planting another apple tree close by, and the crabapple tree is perfect for cross pollination of apples because the flower pollen ripens over an extended period that will overlap the necessary apple tree pollen susceptibility. Peach trees and Nectarine trees are planted throughout Arkansas and the peaches and nectarines are very productive on the Ar State soil profiles that favor peach tree production. Pear trees are a common orchard tree in USDA zones 6 and 7, and the Floridahome pear is just right for the mild climate in Zone 8. Muscadine and scuppernong grapevine vineyards flourish in Arkansas, AR nut tree orchards are growing nut trees such as the native black walnut tree is an important nut tree producer in Arkansas forests, and the very expensive black walnut tree lumber is a valuable nut tree to grow for expensive furniture and cabinets.

Pecan trees are becoming a valuable nut tree to buy and grow in Arkansas, where the demand for easy to shell papershell pecans are highly productive and the pecan kernels are richly oily with a distinct and unique taste. Pecan pies are a essential dessert for the Thanksgiving table. Chinquapins and American Chestnut Trees once covered the forest floors of Arkansas with delicious nuts but the Chestnut blight ravaged the ancient American native chestnut tree native plantings and the chestnut relative, chinquapin tree. New resistant trees of Chestnuts and Chinquapins show promise of repopulating the home nut orchards of Arkansas gardeners and all fruit trees, nut trees and berry plants are available at 25% discount fall shipping at www.tytyga.com by calling 888-811-9132.