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Arizona Trees

Arizona Fruit Trees, Nut Trees and Shade Trees

The amazing variety of soils in Arizona are equally astonishing in diverse temperature gradients matched only by the state of Oregon and Wa. The USDA zone map shows that AZ and OR for growing Arizona fruit trees, berry bushes and AZ nut trees into zone 4,5,6,7,8 and 8. In Southern Arizona, the torrid deserts require extensive irrigation for growing fruit and nut trees, and of course, water rights are crucial and necessary for land owners to grow fruits and nuts. The extremely hot temperatures and intense sunshine guarantee high sugar content and ultimate flavor development. The high temperatures and desert air also appears to prevent disease and insect problems. Citrus is a mainstay fruit tree crop in Arizona where the most choice citrus: orange , grapefruit trees and lemon tree planting occurs. High quality Peach, Plum and Pear fruit is abundantly produced from Southern Arizona orchards. Nectarine and Apricot tree fruits are incomparable in sweetness and aroma. Japanese Persimmon trees flourish in the AZ climate and the Fuyu Japanese Persimmon tree seems to be the best choice for commercial persimmons. Unusual and rare fruits like Pomegranate, Olive trees and Quince trees show much promise as fruit crops to grow commercially. Cherry trees are adaptable to upper Arizona both the Sour Cherry and Sweet Cherries. Jujube and Olive trees are perfect specimens for planting in dry dessert type soils.

Perhaps the most promising nut tree varieties for Arizona are the pecan tree and the almond tree. Pecan orchards in Arizona must be irrigated, and the dry atmosphere in AZ means that only a few types of the pecan leaf problems of the Southeastern pecan orchards can effect the crop. The almond tree nut has become one of the most important nuts that is used in candy, baking products, and as a freshly salted nut the almond is almost as popular as the peanut. Grapevines are easy to grow in Arizona and the high sugar content makes grape vineyards perfectly located for wine production. Wine grapevines can be successfully grown in some parts of the State. Muscadine and scuppernong grape vines can be grown in Arizona, if they are irrigated enough and the high sugar content of muscadine grapes make them good for winemaking.

Shade trees do not do well in Southern Arizona, because of the Arizona heat shade trees are frequently irrigated. Fast growing Sycamore and Tulip Poplar trees will provide good shade, if the trees are constantly given water. Many plants bearing fruit such as fig trees can be grown under shade trees, such as oak trees and maple trees if given sufficient water.