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Tiger Sago Palm

Tiger Sago Palm Tree


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•   Golden Edge Sago Palm - Cycas revoluta var aurea. This rare variant Sago palm originated on the Ryukyu Islands, owned by Japan. There are several forms of these variegated plants that display a varying content of yellow pigmentation. The most desirable form is completely yellow but is extremely slow growing. Another form of the Golden Sago Palm contains splashes of yellow throughout the plant's leaves. These variegated Sagos are extremely expensive and sought after by Japanese collectors, but most Americans prefer the gold tipped fronds that become brightly colored yellow for about 8 months before fading to tan and then burnt umber. When the new leaves emerge in the spring, the gold tips begin to elongate backwards from the ends and then progressively become brighter yellow in color with tips that can extend 2 inches inwards. There is a rare white leafed Sago, Cycas revoluta var alba' that is also found growing on the Ryukyu Islands with a central green petiole, and the white segments retain their white color for several months before they turn green. This white leafed Sago is extremely rare and ranks as one of the most expensive plants in the world.

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