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Sago Palm

Sago Palm Tree


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In Sicily, Italy, Sago palm trees grow to fifteen feet tall, but only after decades of growth. This palm tree, known as the Sago palm and is perhaps the most widely marketed palm tree, because of its easy maintenance requirements and livability. The Sago palm is commonly used as a container tree at restaurants and cafes. Sago palm trees are moderately cold hardy and this palm survived the zero temperatures in the winter of 1983. The Sago palm tree is a popular container palm tree to be placed in pairs at door entrances, Zones 8-11.

• For containerizing purposes near outdoor entrances, the Sago Palm is extremely desirable. The pollen from the male Sago Palm trees can be dusted on the female Sago Palm tree organelle to force seed production, which can then be sprouted to form plants. Some Sago Featherleaf Palm trees along the Atlantic coast beach are 270 years old and 12 ft. tall with stately umbrella crowns, and huge clumps of Sago Palms are planted at the Retreat Plantation Golf Course located at St. Simons Island, Georgia.

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