James Oglethorpe Dedicated English Oak Tree

The tree planted in honor of Georgia's founder, James Oglethorpe(December 22, 1696- June 30, 1785), is the only English oak tree that was planted among other live oaks. The James Oglethorpe Oak tree was grown from a seed, sent from Surry, England, Oglethorpe's hometown, to Washington and planted by the British Ambassador, who later had the oak tree sent to Howard Coffin, the Founder of Sea Island.

Oglethorpe Oak
An acorn from the Oglethorpe Estate in Surry, England was brought to Washington, D.C. in 1926 and planted by Sir Esme Howard, British Ambassador whose family now owns the Oglethorpe Estate. Sir Esme gave this tree to Howard Coffin who had it planted on Georgia Day, February 12, 1931 in honor of James Oglethorpe, Founder and first Governor of Georgia.