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Canary Island Date Palm

Canary Island Date Palm Tree


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Leaves 20 feet long growing on 50 foot massive trunks make the Canary Island Date Palm, Phoenix canariensis, a highly desirable palm tree for a tropical look around entrances to patios or pools. The Canary Island date palm has been considered fairly cold hardy in lower southern states and specimens of large trees have survived in winters as far north as Columbia, South Carolina. The trunk of the Canary Island date palm is huge in diameter and the triangular cuts on the palm leaves are considered to be highly decorative.

• The resort of Sea Island, Georgia is loaded with large palm tree specimens of the Canary Island date palm, and none of these trees have ever been damaged from snow or cold since 1927. The Phoenix palm, Phoenix canariensis, is not fast growing, thus this particular palm tree is very expensive; however, the Phoenix canary palm is easily transplanted and easy to grow. In Florida, long lines of the Canary Island palm trees are planted on the boundaries of boulevards. The Canary Island palm tree was the best survivor of hurricanes that hit Florida in the year 1804 because of its massive size and extensive root spread.

• The Canary Island Date Palm Tree is easily adapted to grow in city landscapes and tolerates automobile fumes, poor soils and droughts. One hundred year old Canary Island Date Palm trees have survived temperature extremes at Wights Nursery, Cairo, Georgia. Epithetic ferns grow luxuriantly in the leaf stubs of the Canary Island Date Palm Tree trunk, adding a fascinating point of interest as a green trunk covering, and the tree is salt water tolerant and grows well in ocean sites.

• The graceful leaves of the Canary Island Date Palm are a favorite specimen palm for growing and buying for landscape gardens, and the gigantic leaves will shade park recreational areas for cool picnicking in the summertime.

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