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Variegated Alpinia Ginger

The bright background yellow color of the variegated, green-striped, Alpinia zerumbet Ginger lily make it sparkle in landscapes. The leaves of Alpinia variegated Ginger reaches a peak of color and vigor in September and October. At cottages on Sea Island, GA., the variegated Alpinia Ginger is a favorite plant in garden landscapes. The dense leaves of the Alpinia variegated Ginger can totally block out neighbors when used as a privacy screen.

•The Ginger Alpinia variegated plants are used here in garden landscape privacy blinds and again at the far right in clay pots showing multiple uses. The variegated Alpinia Ginger lily is potted and displayed on the Golf Club house porches at the Retreat Plantation Golf Club on Saint Simons Island, GA. The variegated Alpinia Ginger plant can grow to about 5 feet in favorable locations. Close up of previous picture showing potted brilliant variegated Ginger Lily. The Alpinia zerumbet Variegated Ginger Lily is a vigorous plant, grows well in full sun or shade, and is worth growing just for the foliage alone, however, it produces flowers like the non-variegated forms.


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