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Society Garlic Lily

The Society Garlic Lily is a clump forming bulb that produces flower stalks 2ft. tall capped by purple, lily-like flowers that smell like garlic. In Africa, the Society Garlic Lily plants are planted around houses to repel the deadly mamba snake. The Society Garlic plant is also used in the U.S. to repel deer, rodents, and other animals. The Society Garlic Lily plant has beautiful lavender globes of flowers that bloom 9 months out of the year. In the South the Society Garlic Lily plant is very often used as a border plant at the edge of sidewalks, since it grows only about one ft high, much like liriope.

Recommended USDA zones for Society Garlic Lilies:
Zone 75° to 10°
Zone 810° to 20°
Zone 920° to 30°
Zone 1030° to 40°
Zone 1140° to 50°


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