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Sand Live Oak - <br>Quercus geminata

Often in coastal areas where the trees are sheared by salt water spray, a large impenetrable, thick growth emerges from the roots to form a dense copse of Sand Live Oak Shade Trees. The acorns that grow on the tree are very popular with wildlife. If the Sand Live Oak Shade Tree is damaged the tree does not easily decay, and it is very salt water tolerant and is often found in coastal areas, where it grows up to 20 ft tall.
The Sand Live Oak Tree can grow as a shrub or bush on very sandy, poor soils or it can in some cases grow as tall as 70 feet. The leaves of the Sand Live Oak Tree are bright green and turn downward at the tips and often hang from the twigs like an inverted boat, and are similar to the Southern Live Oak in shape and are basically evergreen in most years.


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