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Pakistan Mulberry Tree

Black mulberries were grown near ancient temples for fresh eating in Asia, Europe and the Mideast, where the trees thrived in the heat, poor soils and droughts. Large clusters of black Pakistan mulberries ripen in late July in Georgia, and the huge berries can grow to a length of 5 inches. If you buy a grafted Pakistan Mulberry tree, it often produces berries the first year being a fine quality and pleasant aroma. Pakistan Black Mulberry trees have been reported to live for hundreds of years in Pakistan and Asia Minor.


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3 reviews

Better than the other

I bought this one and red gelato. This one is doing much better. It's supposedly a younger tree, but it's already sprouting leaves and thriving. The other red gelato still hasn't done anything.

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appears health

Kendall Harris

less foliage on arrival than the cherries and seems to be doing well.

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Pakistan Mulberry Trees

Turtle Survival Center

Most of the trees I planted leafed out right away and are looking good one month later, but one tree hasn't done anything at all.

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