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Nymph Amaryllis (also called Aphrodite)

The Nymph amaryllis flower is named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The Aphrodite Amaryllis bulb was renamed ��Nymph�� by the Dutch breeders after slightly improving the original double flowered prize winner. The Nymph is considered by most critics to be the most beautiful blossom in the plant kingdom and is justifiably the winner of many flower show awards. The first flower stem of the Aphrodite Amaryllis is promptly followed by a second flower stalk, both of which display beautiful, pastels, white and pink colors, trimmed by a darker pink color.
%bul; The Aphrodite Amaryllis flower is also known as the Double Picotee, because each white petal is edged with a pink coloring. The green center is in stark contrast with the variable shadings in the flower face. The throat of this amaryllis blooms with a hint of greenish-yellow chartreuse color, which is focused toward the center of the Aphrodite Amaryllis. The flower stems of the Aphrodite Amaryllis are 2 feet tall, and can bear flowers of up to 6 inches. The delicate shades of pink and red are lightly screened on fluffy arched, pure-white petals of twelve in the Aphrodite Amaryllis.


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