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Melogold Grapefruit

The Melogold Grapefruit tree is a heavy commercial cultivar of citrus grown mostly in Arizona and California and the size of this grapefruit is larger than most other grapefruit cultivars. The flavor of the Melogold grapefruit is sweeter than other grapefruit cultivars and this citrus hybrid was released by the University of California. The flavor of the pummelo can be tasted in the Melogold grapefruit, and this citrus cultivar resulted from hybridization between an acidless pummelo and another hybrid grapefruit. The rind of the Melogold grapefruit is thicker than most other grapefruit cultivars, mainly because of its pummelo ancestry, but the flavor is sweeter than other grapefruits. The rind of the grapefruit emits a strong aroma that will perfume a room for hours with a pleasant enjoyable fragrance. The Melogold grapefruit grows green but ripens to an orange-pink. Order a bearing size Melogold grapefruit tree from TyTy today and you could harvest fruit next year.

Recommended States to grow Melogold Grapefruit Trees

New MexicoNorth CarolinaOregonSouth CarolinaTexasUtahVirginiaWashington

    Recommended USDA zones for Melogold Grapefruit Trees:
    Zone 810° to 20°
    Zone 920° to 30°
    Zone 1030° to 40°
    Zone 1140° to 50°


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