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Lions Head -<br>Cyperus papyrus

The square-stemmed, aromatic foliaged Lions Head plant has fuzzy-orange flower ballas placed one set above the other on the center stalk. Fall and winter blooms are formed continuously on the Lions Head plant. The Lions Head plant is salt water tolerant, and the cut flowers are showy and will add a breathtaking look to your landscape. Butterflies and hummingbirds love the nectar from the orange trumpets of the Lions Head plant.

Recommended States to grow Lions Head

Alabama Arizona Arkansas Florida
Georgia Louisiana Mississippi Nevada
New Mexico North Carolina Oregon South Carolina
Texas Utah Virginia Washington

    Recommended USDA zones for Lions Heads:
    Zone 810° to 20°
    Zone 920° to 30°
    Zone 1030° to 40°
    Zone 1140° to 50°


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