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Flordahome Pear Tree

Flordahome Pears ripen from mid June to mid July and require 400 chill hours (3 weeks with temperatures at or below 45 degrees F.). The Hood Pear tree is required in the pollination of the Florda Home Pear. The quality of the fruit produced by the Flordahome Pear Tree is good with a storage life up to 3 months. The tree tends to overbear and the limbs often droop with the weight of the fruit produced.


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1 reviews

Arrived on time


I planted it immediately. It has been one month. Shows no growth evidence yet. I will update this review when I see progress or if it does not survive. I have another pear tree that I planted bare root 3 yrs ago and that one is doing wonderful. (this one was purchased elsewhere).

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