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Dwarf Palmetto

Native to the Southeastern US, this palm grows small trunks that remain hidden behind the leaves. The Dwarf Palmetto palm tree, Sabal minor, is not a fast growing plant, and grows abundantly in pine tree forests, and in poorly drained lowlands. Innumerable colonies of dwarf palmetto palm grow next to the highway between Albany, Georgia and Blakely, Georgia on swampland, that is under water periodically, and the dwarf palmetto palms grow in very heavy shade. This extremely adaptable palm tree is drought tolerant grown as a landscape specimen shrub or in rows as a privacy screen.


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1 reviews

care of palms

Frank Levantini

learned another lesson dont barlap these. i killed one over winter. i learned the snow and a heavy mulch around base worked better. but i almost always loss the foliage and needs to regrow and does but it never gets bigger. taugh to keep leaves all winter when freezed for a few months. the duration of cold, not the lows does it. dries the foliage out when water not taken up.its frozen

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