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Cobra Voodoo Lily

The leaves of the Cobra Lily can grow up to six feet tall after the spectacular, red erotic flowers evolve and sit atop a six foot red, speckled, wart-covered stalk. The Cobra Voodoo Lily is so aggressive it will shade out and overtake grass and weeds in the growing area. TyTy has grown the cold hardy Cobra Lily Flowering Bulbs for twenty years during which time it has survived temperatures of 0 degrees F. The twenty year old TyTy bulb has now formed a giant colony of bulbs around the huge mother bulb like a tropical thicket.

Recommended States to grow Cobra Voodoo Lily

Alabama Arizona Arkansas Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts
Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nevada
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas
Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia
District of Columbia

    Recommended USDA zones for Cobra Voodoo Lily Bulbs:
    Zone 6-5° to 5°
    Zone 75° to 10°
    Zone 810° to 20°
    Zone 920° to 30°
    Zone 1030° to 40°
    Zone 1140° to 50°


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