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Austin Mays Blackberry Plant

The Austin Mays blackberry is called a "dewberry" by many old timers and commercial growers, because it does not grow erect or semi-erect like other a majority of other blackberries, however, these somewhat thorny blackberry vines can climb to some extent above older canes on top of each other, which is a desirable characteristic that keeps the dewberries lifted out of the dirt and protects them from the contamination of mud splashing on them. The large delicious berries produced by the Austin Mays dew berry once grew along the edges of native woodlands - plants that were American colonist selections from native American trailing blackberry bushes that were superior to the original dewberry parents - in size, flavor and home garden production. The Austin Mays dewberry ripens earlier than other blackberries; beginning to form berries in May and extending for 30-45 days, which is a full month before blackberries ripen.


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3 reviews

Arrived Alive

My plant arrived alive and in pretty good shape. I have planted them and waiting to see how it grows.

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Austin Mays Blackberry Plants

Patricia Ensley

Plants arrived as scheduled and have been planted. They appear to be healthy plants.

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Nice stock

Leonard Janetzke

Plants arrived quickly and were well packaged. Looks like they had plenty of root but I'm not sure they got planted right. some looked like the root should have run parallel to the ground, and some looked more like They should be planted in a deep hole.
If it matters much, I wish they would have included a picture of how to place them in the hole, and how to position the root.

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