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International Shipping
Do you ship to my country?
  Ty Ty Nursery does ship internationally. Please contact us toll free at 888-811-9132 to discuss your countries specific limitations as this may very by location.
What are my payment choices?
  International orders can be paid by credit card or wire transfer.
What is the international minimum order and shipping charges?
  We have a minimum order of $5000 before we ship internationally and shipping cost is 40% of the total order. An additional cost of $50 is needed to get a phytosanitary certificate. However, please be aware after we ship an item internationally the U.S. Department of Agriculture has the right to quarantine any plants they see fit, to grow them first, in a controlled location before releasing them to the original addressee to verify they are in good condition. Quarantines do not usually happen, so it is not common for that to happen but it is always a possibility. Before we ship our plants internationally, we do have them inspected by our local agricultural department to make sure they are free of any type of disease or pest.
What is the return policy?
  International orders can not be returned.