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Wine Grape Vines

Perhaps no other group of plants is known better than the wine grapes. The wine grape is known more for its ability to ferment into wine, than for its desirability as a table grape or a desert grape, because of the thick skin, large seed and a smaller grape size. Some wine grapes contain so much sugar inside the skin, that they will not ferment on the vine after ripening, but will turn into a raisin.

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

Gewurztraminer White Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

Merlot Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

Pinot Chardonnay Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

Pinot Gris White Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 5-9

Pinot Noir Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

White Riesling Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 5-7

Zinfandel Wine Grape Vine

USDA Zones 6-10

We do not ship grape vines to the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

  • Fight Grape Inflation
    Cabernet Sauvignon Wine grapevines are an import from European vineyards, as well as California, and is a large producer of high quality Cabernet Sauvignon wines that are enjoyed by many U.S. consumers.
  • Grow Your Own Grape Vines
    Planting wine grapevines is a simple process that is easily explained in the above Wine Grapevine video.
  • Planting Wine Grapevines
    Pinot Chardonnay wine grapevines are easy to plant and they grow fast into highly productive vineyard specimens. The grapes of this vine are used to create white wines that is among, if not, the most popular in terms of consumption.