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Wildlife Oak Trees

Sawtooth oak trees are the fastest growing wildlife trees for providing food and attracting deer, and the sawtooth oak trees can produce acorns as early as 5 years, sooner than any other oak trees- producing up to 80 lbs. of acorns on each tree each year. The gobbler oak and the turkey oak trees produce smaller acorns that are very attractive and very easy to eat for birds, if the squirrels don't beat them getting to the tree.

Bluejack Oak -
Quercus incana
Chapman Oak -
Quercus chapmanii
Gobbler Oak -
Quercus acutissima "Gobbler"
Sawtooth Oak -
Quercus acutissima
Turkey Oak -
Quercus cerris
White Oak -
Quercus alba





USDA Zones 7-9
USDA Zones 8-10
USDA Zones 5-9
USDA Zones 5-9

USDA Zones 7-9
USDA Zones 5-9
Sawtooth Oak Tree Video, Etc.
Wildlife Turkey Oak Tree
Bluejack Wildlife Oak Trees
One of the favorite wildlife oak trees is the Sawtooth Oak that provides acorns in only 5 years on planting larger trees and after the acorns are eaten, the deer will eat leaves, twigs and bark. The Sawtooth Oak Tree acorns are also a favorite food for game birds such as the duck and wild goose and for squirrel, opossum and raccoon. The Turkey Oak Tree attracts wild turkeys for the acorns and also the shelter of the dense leaves and twigs that provide shade. The Bluejack Oak Tree produces acorns that attract flocks of wildlife game birds such as duck and geese and are also collected by squirrels for food during the winter when wildlife food is scarce.