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West Virginia Trees

West Virginia Berry Bushes, Fruit Trees and Nut Trees.

In West Virginia raspberry plants are planted on organic pick-you-own berry farms, and both red raspberry plants and native black raspberries grow plump, tasty raspberry treats. The red Latham raspberry can be grown on West Virginia farms for roadside berry sales or for grocery store sales, but Black Hawk raspberry plants grow berries with a sort shelf life and remain locally restricted as perishable berries. Erect blackberry plants are native West Virginia plants, along with ground berry vines of dewberry bushes, but both can grow tasty berries. Erect blackberries are available to buy online as thorny blackberry plants or thornless blackberries. Blueberry bushes are also native to West Virginia and highbush blueberries and lowbush plants are grown on organic berry farms. Rabbiteye blueberry plants have been grown by some WV gardeners.

Quite extensive, native, nut trees are growing in West Virginia, such as the hazelnut (filbert), Corylus americana, a nut that forms sweet, small hazelnuts (filberts) in the fall that are gathered by children and wildlife animals. The American black walnut tree, (Juglans nigra) was once a tree that covered West Virginia forests around Charleston, W.V. and Logan, W.V., but the nuts are scarce today, because the trees have been cut down to make expensive furniture and gun stocks for wildlife hunting. White Walnut,( Juglans cinerea ), trees also are good nut producers in W.V. Hickory Nut Trees are important wildlife food trees in West Virginia, and several different species of hickory trees grow abundantly in West Virginia landscapes.

Hickory nuts have been crossed to form the Hican (an inter-specific hybrid of hickory and pecan) that has delicious oily nut kernels with a nutty flavor. New 'James' pecan trees, Oconee pecans and Pawnee pecan are highly recommended as cold hardy pecans, Carya illinoinensis, for several Northern States including West Virginia. Pecans are native nut trees to Illinois and are adaptable to W.V. gardens and orchards.

The most famous apple tree cultivar, perhaps, is the Golden Delicious apple tree that was discovered growing as a wild seedling apple in Clay County, West Virginia. Many new apples have been developed from that original Golden Delicious apple tree. The discovery of the Golden Delicious apple tree was known by West Virginians as the most important citizen ever to come for W.V., except of course, Senator Robert Byrd of W.V. Applesauce and Apple Butter resulted from the discovery of the Golden Delicious apple tree.

During the summer West Virginia fruit pickers sponsor Peach festivals where peach tree cultivars such as the Hale Haven and Red Haven peach tree orchard planting and production techniques are discussed in terms of increasing yields of peaches. Methods of freezing peaches, baking peach cobbler and canning peaches are also important topics at the Peach festival.

Plum trees, Pear trees and red mulberry trees are favorite fruit trees for backyard West Virginia gardens. Plums, Pears and red mulberries have been hybridized to produce new highly productive plum trees pear tree and mulberry orchards.