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Flowering Shrubs

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Check Out our Listing of Shrubs that Bloom Brighter and Longer for Your Landscape
  • Plant Hydrangea Shrubs - Drone Shots
    Flowers of hydrangeas, camellias are unusually beautiful during their blooming seasons, that extends most of the year.The blooms of hydrangea shrubs are some of the largest growing in the garden. The colors of the hydrangea plants are generally green, however, some cultivars have leaves that are variegated with prominent white streaks. Hydrangea flowers come in many colors, pink, red, white, green and blue. The determinant of color is often determined by the acidity or alkalinity of the soil.
  • Gardenia Fragrance Video
    Gardenia Shrubs produce the strongest sweet smelling flowers of any bush. We carry the winter-blooming Dwarf Gardenia as well as the Summer blooming Augusta Beauty Gardenia.
  • Red Flowering Bottlebrush
    Nothing brightens a landscape quite as nicely as a well placed flowering shrub. Flowers make great conversation and first impressions for all of your guests.