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Mimosa Trees

For the gardener who is looking for a fast growing tree that blooms during most of the summer, the mimosa may be your perfect choice. The exotic flowers appear like stacked, silk-like filaments that are attached to the twigs in a circular arrangement so unusual and difficult to describe in words but clearly seen in videos. The flower colors range from red, pink are very rarely, white.

Flame Mimosa Tree Mimosa Tree


USDA Zones 6-10
USDA Zones 6-10
Flowering Mimosa Trees
Planting a Mimosa Tree
Planting a Mimosa Tree
The Mimosa Tree is a beautiful fast growing flowering tree that can grow to a mature height of thirty feet. The Mimosa Tree can grow as much as three feet in a year and the tropical look of the fern like leaves is very desirable to the homeowner who likes to grow long grass underneath the filtered shade. The shape of a mature tree has that exotic oriental wind blown look that is asymmetrical. The Mimosa Tree is a legume and can enrich the soil with nitrogen fixing bacteria that grow in soil around the roots. The flowers of the mimosa are unique in form and can vary in color from red to pink and rarely white. The exotic stamens are clustered nerophyllamus that glitter like silk threads; which is why the tree is also called the silk tree. The Mimosa Tree is cold hardy to New York and thrives as far south as Florida. During the fall the leaves change to a glowing yellow color and the tiny leaves disappear quickly into the grass requiring no raking. Flowering Red Mimosa trees are a rare color, just like the unusual white Mimosa. Pink Mimosas are the most common seedling in garden centers.