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Dogwood Trees

Almost every State grows flowering dogwood trees as native plants to their location. Many cities proclaim themselves as 'The Dogwood Tree City,' and festivals often are promoted during the spring when a spectacular flowering event begins. Flower buds are formed in the fall season, along with clusters of red berries, containing dogwood seed from previous seasonal blooms.

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USDA Zones 5-9
USDA Zones 5-9
USDA Zones 5-9
USDA Zones 5-9
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The Dogwood tree is a native American flowering tree and is cold hardy in every state except North Dakota and Minnesota. Dogwood trees are known for their white flowers that illuminate the forest during the spring time. The Dogwood flower bud opens with four brights most commonly called flower petals changing to a glowing pure white and the flower is shaped like a white cross. Pink Dogwoods withstand salt water near the coast better than most plants. The elegant dogwood petals provide a perfect picnic setting in the Summer when they fall to the ground and create a blanket of color. Dogwoods are Americans most popular flowering tree that bloom in colors of pink, white, and red. Flowering Dogwood trees have a black bark which contrasts well with both white and colored flowers. Having a single colored dogwood among many white dogwoods is sure to make your guests look twice. Dogwoods bloom around the same time as azaleas and release a sweet perfume into the air.

Dogwood Trees are most often found growing as an under story tree in the forest and most homeowners usually will plant the Dogwood trees underneath other bigger shade trees where they grow very well, even underneath pine trees. Very few landscape plants or trees will survive when planted underneath pine trees.

Dogwoods are a medium size tree that grows to about twenty feet in height and the spread of the branches is about the same. Dogwood trees are very resistant to droughts and can even survive in full sun although they grow much better underneath the shade of other yard trees like oaks and maples.