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Magnolia Tree (Evergreen)

Evergreen Southern Magnolia trees grow as far North as Connecticut and are covered with huge, white, fragrant flowers in the late spring. This choice flowering tree is resistant to snow and ice in Northern planting sites, and the flowering continues into the fall with intermittent blooms, after the climax of flowers has been reached in June and July.

Magnolia 'Little Gem' Magnolia 'Southern Magnolia' Magnolia 'Sweetbay'



Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem' Magnolia virginiana (Sweetbay Magnolia)
USDA Zones 7-10
USDA Zones 5-10
USDA Zones 6-10
Magnolia Tree Video, Etc.
Evergreen Magnolia Trees
Claudia Wannamaker Evergreen Magnolia Tree
Order the fastest growing shade trees now before its too late. The Evergreen Magnolia tree forms a tapestry of dinner-plate sized white blossoms that begin flowering in Late May continuing uninterrupted until the fall. The flowers of the D.D. Blanchard Magnolia Tree are numerous, large and fragrant. The contrasting orange, leaf underside sparkles on a windy day in rhythm to the waxy, glowing, leaf upper surface. Buy a Claudia Wannamaker Magnolia tree for an improved hybrid tree that flowers prolifically over a long period of time and grows faster than many other cultivars of Magnolia. The sweetly perfumed Magnolia flowers catch the slightest breeze wafting a distinctive humid fragrance toward unsuspecting flower worshipers to imprint memories forward.