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chinese elm trees Chinese Elm Tree

USDA Zones 2-8

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USDA Zones 6-10

  • American Elm Trees
    Elm Trees are deciduous plats which tolerate broad soil and pH conditions. Elm trees are used commercially because the Elm trees wood grain resists both rotting and splitting. The large, high canopy of the Elm Tree make it popular near houses, where blankets of shade can reduce summer cooling costs.
  • The Chinese Elm Tree
    The Chinese Elm Tree is apparently not damaged from the heavy pollution found in a great many cities and grows on practically any kind of soil and is disease and drought resistant.
  • Wonderful Drake Elm Street Trees
    The Drake Elm develops a multicolored, flaking bark that is more beautiful than that of any other Elm Tree. Also, unlike most Elm Trees, the Drake Elm produces its winged seeds, called "samaras" in the fall instead of Spring.