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  Dioon (Gum) Palm
Dioon (Gum) Palm Tree

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Giant Dioon is technically a cycad of pre-historical origin, and the Dioon palm tree can grow up to 1 ½ ft. in diameter with a Dioon trunk growing twelve feet tall. The bright waxy-green leaves of the Dioon are feather-like and pointed on the tips. The giant Dioon palm tree is a favorite container plant and will tolerate temperatures of 25 degrees F.

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•Dioon edule palm is not technically a palm but a member of an ancient group of prehistoric plants called cycads. Dioon means �two egg� seeds that are born on the female cone of the plant in pairs and edule meaning edible, and the Mexicans grind the seed into a flour and use the tortillas as a food item. The newly formed fronds (leaves) arise from the center of the Dioon in a strange form and arching like an exotic feather. The bright waxy green leaves are fern-like but stiff and sharp as they mature. The Dioon edule is an excellent plant for containers and is often seen at entrances of hotels and homes in the Southern U.S.

�In containers the plants grow very slowly and are actually more cold hardy than the Sago Palm Trees, which they strongly resemble. The Dioon edule will survive very cold hardy weather down to 10 degrees F., and ranks as the most cold hardy cycad like the Sago Palm Tree. The Dioon edule is easy to grow from seed or offsets and this cycad will respond quickly to fertilizer and water with vigorous growth. The Dioon edule should be grown in some shade.

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