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Daffodil Bulbs

Daffodil flowers are a favorite spring bulb to plant by gardeners because it grows favorably in most climates of the United States, and the beautifully scented blooms predictably announce the beginning of spring and add new color to winter barren landscapes. There are thousands of varieties of daffodil bulbs, most being native flowering bulbs of Europe and the Orient. The daffodil bulbs flower in colors of white, yellow, orange and

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White Daffodils
Daffodils have been hybridized by Dutch bulbsmen who created many flower forms that are unseen in the historic old time daffodil bulb blooms. Yellow daffodils are the most popular daffodil bulbs followed by the white and orange. A newcomer pink color daffodil is especially charming when grown as a containerized plant. The sweet fragrance of daffodils is distinctive, especially as the afternoon sun rays warm the golden petals and slight breezes waft the delicious aroma toward daffodil worshipers. Daffodils are the true harbingers of spring in the United States. The flower stems appear suddenly in March, and in the South, where the bulbs are liberally planted in crowded rows, flowers appear in magnificent succession for several weeks in colors of golden yellow, white and bi-colors, releasing their delicious fragrance for all to breathe in to greet the new season and end the resting dormancy of the daffodil bulbs. White daffodil flowers are much more unusual than the yellow or white daffodils and are perfect floral specimens for spring cut-flower displays embedded with a delicious aromatic scent that fills the room. When Planted outside in the landscape, these bulbs will begin flowering in early spring and are often planted in pure white colored beds or inter-planted with other colors such as gold or bi-colors.