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Citrus Trees

Due to Agricultural Restrictions Citrus Sales are Limited to Georgia State Sale. We do not offer Citrus Sales out of the state of GA, we can ship within the state of GA, or you can pick up citrus at our physical location.

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Cold Hardy Citrus Trees
Marumi Kumquat Citrus Tree
Citrus - Kaffir Lime
Citrus Trees range from sweet to sour and strong to mild. Citrus trees are generally brightly colored and exude a distinctive citrus aroma. Ancient civilizations used the fruit of citrus trees to perfume their homes and the original parent trees of citrus plants many centuries ago produced a very sour fruit that was used to season prepared meat dishes The glowing colors of citrus are beautiful. The varying fragrance of grapefruit and lime not only is present in the taste of the fruit, but the leaves have distinct and charming appeal.